Clean 9 - Before And After Pics

I've put my before and after pics here side by side for comparison purposes - my tummy is where i carry any extra weight.

Before Clean 9
After Clean 9

I didn't have a lot of weight to lose as my starting weight was10st 9 lbs but I was very pleased with just under 5lb.  More importantly for me, I lost 2 inches from my waist so my jeans do actually fit better.

Aside from the weight loss, I FEEL better and have lots more energy.

I would 100% recommend the Clean 9 cleanse to anyone who wants to lose some weight OR who would like purely to cleanse their system for health reasons.  This is an ideal cleanse to do prior to starting a longer term weight loss program OR to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

If you've read the products page, you will see nutritionally what this program can do for you as each product in the pack has an important role to play in this program.