Little Black Dress Diet Plan

Get into shape for the party season with the

Little Black Dress Diet Plan 

Our Clean 9 Program is the perfect weight loss plan to help you slip into that little black dress right in time for the festive season!

Whether you are looking for a quick-fix for a special festive party, or want to kick-start a long-term health regime, the Clean 9 diet plan will help get you on track.

Why Clean 9?

Clean 9 is a 9 day nutritional cleansing plan to help cleanse your body of unnatural chemicals, whilst boosting your metabolism. It will help you look and feel fabulous just in time for the party season.  Apart from the health benefits of doing a cleanse, there is the added bonus of weight and inch loss.

Here's what Sue had to say.... 

Before Clean 9
"I went on the Clean 9 to balance my digestive system as I was overweight, bloated, extremely fatigued and fed up.

I was amazed as after a couple of days I felt energised and hopeful and by the end of the 9 days I had lost 11lbs and 8 ½ inches in total! 

What a result – I’d got my waist back, YIPPEE!

As a bonus my skin and hair were in excellent condition and my energy levels were soaring and people started commenting on the improvements.

Nothing in the past had ever worked as quickly as this and I felt really motivated to continue on with my shape up so I started the Nutri-Lean Programme.

After, well, the weight and inches continued to drop off. I particularly love the Forever Lean as it allows me a few treats without sabotaging my new figure.

I am wearing clothes I haven’t had on in years. My husband thinks he has a new and younger wife! I am proud of my achievement and feel so fit and well.

— Sue Cudden
after clean 9
After Clean 9

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What's In The Box?

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What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The difference between Clean 9 and cleansing programs is that many of them advocate eliminating certain food groups.  While this may give the digestive system a break, it also means that certain nutrients could be missing from the diet.  With some plans, it can be water loss that accounts for weight loss but not so with Clean 9.

There is no one size fits all with the Clean 9 diet plan when it comes to results.  Some people lose weight alone, up to 12lbs and some inches, while others lose a combination of the two. However, most people who try this plan report feeling healthier and fitter with more energy and confidence.  It is the perfect start for anyone who wishes to follow a longer term weight loss program as the body is already functioning at its optimum and is ready to burn those fat cells fast.

 Look Your Best In Your Little Black Dress This 

Holiday Season !

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